GS1 Australia has announced the launch of a new version of GS1 Australia Recall to minimise the impact and cost of products recalled and withdrawn from the supply chain.

GS1 Australia’s Recall service is an online portal designed to provide an electronic product recall notification management system. It streamlines the management of product recalls by enhancing the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the recall process.

The Recall online portal was initially launched for the Food and Beverage industry in 2011, followed by a Healthcare sector portal in September 2013, and extended to the General Merchandise and Apparel industry in 2014. These industry-specific portals have been extremely successful with the quick and easy recall or withdrawal of grocery, food, liquor, healthcare and consumer products.

The enhanced version was developed in response to user feedback, making it easier to use. It has been significantly improved and offers a suite of new features including a more intuitive interface, providing the end user with better functionality to streamline the recall of products and protect the reputation of their brand.

Richard Jones, GS1 Australia’s general manager – marketing and quality services said: “Enhancing an existing GS1 Australia service that offers additional functionality to manage product recalls builds a better customer experience and consumer safety into the supply chain.”

Organisations can use the service to reduce errors, decrease the amount of time it takes to respond to a recall and mitigate the costs associated with managing the recall process.

Some GS1 Australia members have already trialled the advanced version with great reviews: “It is good to see the enhancements which will improve the user ability of the system”; “Overall the portal has a good feel and look”; and: “Successfully been able to enter information without any issues. The online process is easy to follow and use.”

Australia has an excellent product safety record and Recall provides an innovative tool for organisations to ensure this standard is improved.

“The recently enhanced Recall service will continue to transform the recall process, ensuring the process is efficient, consistent and immediate as possible,” added Mr Jones.